Areas of Application for Artificial Intelligence in Austrian E-Government

posted in #eGovernment, IT Security on the 6.06.2022

In Austria, the provision of e-government services currently requires the use of human resources, mostly on the part of the authorities. Artificial intelligence (AI) and related concepts such as machine learning, neural networks, data mining or pattern recognition can help to automate e-government services and thus reduce time and costs while increasing citizen satisfaction.

For this purpose, this paper first gives an overview of the most important terms related to Artificial Intelligence before exploring how Artificial Intelligence can be used in Austrian e-government. For this purpose, the current state of the art in Austria is first cited and it is described which AI-based services already exist in Austria and what the Austrian AI strategy looks like or what European requirements there are in this area. It then evaluates the extent to which the use of AI in Austrian e-government is possible and appropriate. To this end, current research and publications on the implementation of e-government services with the help of AI are also considered where appropriate.