SSL/TLS Check for Clients/Server

posted in #Archive on the 15.02.2016

The A-SIT SSL/TLS tool tests the security properties of Web browsers and Web Servers. The A-SIT SSL/TLS tool consists of […]

Signature verification in the cloud

posted in #Archive on the 19.08.2013

In this project analysed if it is suitable to deploy an existing e-Government service, namely the Signature Verification Service at a […]

Open Office Signature

posted in #Archive on the 18.02.2009

The plugin allowed qualified electronic signatures on PDF documents created from Open Office. Electronic signatures are a basis of eBusiness […]

Testnormal BKU

posted in #Archive on the 5.12.2007

Tool to test functionalities of your Citizen Card Environment (BKU). The basic functionalities of your Citizen Card Environment (Bürgerkartenumgebung) can […]

Security Layer New (SeLaN)

posted in #Archive on the 4.12.2007

On the behalf of the Federal Chancellery the “Security Capsule” was developed as a reference implementation of Citizen Card Interface. It corresponds […]

DKIM Proxy

posted in #Archive on the 28.11.2007

DKIM Proxy is a reference implementation of the RFC 4871 (DomainKeys Identified Mail) standard. This implementation can be deployed as […]

Behaviour Blocker

posted in #Archive on the 15.02.2006

The Behaviour Blocker demonstrated the detection of malware by analyzing the system calls it employed. It was based  on Hidden […]

Word Signature

posted in #Archive on the 29.06.2005

Applications such as MS-Word are undisputely mostly widespread and used for the tasks such as document editing. The same applies […]

SMIME Mail Container

posted in #Archive on the 27.01.2003

With this simple Java Tool users can sign and/or encrypt arbitrary content. The signed and/or encrypted content is packaged in […]