DKIM Proxy

posted in #Archive on the 28.11.2007

DKIM Proxy is a reference implementation of the RFC 4871 (DomainKeys Identified Mail) standard. This implementation can be deployed as a proxy in front of a SMTP or POP3/IMAP4 server.

The DKIM standard and the provided implementation facilitate the integration of appropriate means to reliably authenticate sender domains in e-mail transmissions. DKIM Proxy enables an SMTP server to sign sent e-mails according to the DKIM standard, and POP3 or IMAP4 servers to verify DKIM signatures of received e-mails.

Received e-mails are extended with an additional header field to indicate the result of the signature-verification process. This way, local e-mail clients can be configures to automatically classify incoming e-mails and to identify e-mails originating from invalid sender domains.

DKIM-Proxy on Windows Vista

Please note that all components of DKIM Proxy need to be run with administrator privileges on Microsoft Windows Vista.


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