Identity Recovery in Case of Device Loss

posted in #IT Security on the 21.12.2023

The increasing prevalence of digital identities and cryptographic key materials on various devices poses a high security risk. If a device is lost or stolen, unauthorized individuals may gain access to the stored identities and key materials. To minimize this risk, hardware-supported techniques are employed to protect the key material. These techniques, for example, prevent malware from accessing sensitive material.

A problem arises when these devices are lost or damaged/destroyed, causing a user to lose access to their digital identity. The goal of this project is to further explore systems and mechanisms for the backup and recovery of cryptographic key material, as well as additional methods for identity recovery. The aim of this research project is to find a way to securely back up and restore identities and keys stored in a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), ensuring that identities are not lost when the device is lost.


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