posted in #Tools on the 3.09.2020

Modular Open Citizen Card Architecture (MOCCA) was a project started by EGIZ for the implementation of a free, modular, open-source Citizen Card Environment. During the changeover from the citizen card/mobile phone signature to the ID Austria, the active further development of MOCCA was discontinued at the end of 2021.

The Citizen Card Environment is the interface between applications that require a login/signature and the Citizen Card. The information required for the creation of a signature is read by means of a card reader from the Citizen Card chip. 
The Citizen Card Environment comprises different functions that can be executed by the Citizen Card.

MOCCA  is the classical implementation of a Citizen Card Environment, which is installed locally on the PC of the user. MOCCA runs as a service in the background and waits on TCP ports 3495 and 3496 for Security Layer Requests. Via the HTTP link, the functions of the Citizen Card Environment can be used both from local applications as well as from Web applications.


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msi Mocca Version 1.4.3 of 9.9.2020 (.msi, Windows Installer)
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zip Mocca Version 1.4.3 of 9.9.2020 (.zip, Linux Installer)
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dmg Mocca Version 1.4.3 of 9.9.2020 (.dmg, MacOS Installer)
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