Multilateral Integration of XACML Policies

posted in #eGovernment, Mobile & Cloud on the 22.11.2017

In this project an administrative model was extended to support the translation of abstract, semantic security policies into XACML policies.

XACML is a framework that establishes an Extensible Markup Language-based language, architecture and process models for the externalized authorization management. XACML has been by its design focused on the protection of information assets present in the realm of a single organization.  Because of this narrow scope, a range of tools and methodologies emerged that support the application of XACML policies to a single environment only. In this project we extend an administrative model that supports the multilateral management of XACML security policies.

This is achieved through the development of an adapter that allows the translation and mapping of abstract, semantic security policies designed for a broader scope and Web API-based environments, to XACML policies specific for a particular organization and its environment.


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