Possibilities for implementing an Austrian e-government service using open data

posted in #eGovernment, News, Services on the 22.02.2023

The use of open government data is becoming increasingly important to drive the development of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the public sector. Open government data is data collected by government agencies and made publicly available in a machine-readable format for anyone to use.

One of the main benefits of open government data is that it enables the development of new services and insights that can help government agencies make better decisions and provide more effective services to citizens. Austria too is providing open data on a dedicated platform for anyone and everyone to use. However, it is unclear exactly which use cases exist for AI applications and particularly machine learning applications in this context and what the provided data can be used for.

The aim of this summary paper is therefore, in a first step, to analyze which possible applications of open government data exist in Austria with regard to AI applications. In the course of this, any advantages, problems and research gaps should also be identified in order to actually use this open data in a follow-up project and to create an application from it.