Security Analysis of Mobile Applications for Crypto-Currencies

posted in #IT Security, Mobile & Cloud on the 24.03.2021

To manage virtual currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, many users turn to mobile apps that promise a convenient form of trading, buying and selling, and other services. Often, it is not clear from application descriptions what personal data these apps interact with, where it is sent and where or how it is stored. Especially in the absence of legal requirements or technical guidelines, it is questionable whether the implemented security level in practice is comparable to that to which the established banking system is subject in offering mobile apps.

In the course of this project, selected mobile apps for the management of cryptocurrencies are analysed and tested for their security as part of a case study. The aim is to gain an impression of the security level of these apps and to empirically ascertain the degree of care with which critical or personal data is handled.


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