Citizen Card Plugin for KeePass

posted in #eID & eSignature, IT Security on the 12.01.2015

A plugin to use the Austrian citizen card with the free password manager KeePass has been developed.

KeePass can protect passwords using a master password, a key file, or by binding it to the Windows account. This A-SIT plugin extends the functionality of KeePass. It adds support for the Austrian Citizen Card (e-card G2 and G3 cards, ACOS cards). With this plugin you can use your Citizen Card to protect your password database. This plugin generates a random key and encrypts it with the Citizen Card. Every time the database is unlocked the plugin will decrypt the key using your smartcard and PIN. Additionally you can use a password or bind the database to your Windows account to further increase the security.


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pdf Documentation (DE) Version 1.0 from 12.1.2015 (German only)
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zip Application Version 1.0 from 12.1.2015 (DLLs to install to KeePass)
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