Digital ID cards: Study and analysis of properties

posted in #eGovernment, IT Security on the 17.03.2021

Physical credentials are omnipresent in our everyday lives. Either in the form of a bank card, driving license, certificate, health card, passport, or any sort of ID, it is sure they are used on an everyday basis, and they influence our daily workflow. The use of physical credentials is well structured and defined. However, physical credentials in an electronic or mobile context bring many opportunities and come with a lot of requirements and challenges. As a part of this report, we aim to give a bigger picture of the mobile solutions that would provide mobile identity verification. We outline the benefits and use cases, and we discuss their security and privacy requirements. We start with the literature survey that identifies a comprehensive set of requirements for mobile identity card solutions in the E-Government domain. Furthermore, we assess the state-of-the-art technologies, production roll-out, and pilots in terms of the identified requirements.


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