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The goal of MOA ZS is to manage all aspects of the electronic delivery process from a senders perspective, such as:

  • Accepting delivery requests from a sender
  • Looking up participants in the participant registry (“Teilnehmerverzeichnis”)
  • Forwarding requests to delivery services
  • Handling responses and notifications (e.g. signature verification, archiving)


You can download the latest MOA ZS release from here:

MOA ZS Web Application Archive
(Checksum; how to verify a checksum on Windows or Linux)

Source Code

The source code of MOA ZS is available via git repository at


For information on how to build and deploy MOA ZS, follow the instructions in the README. For the configuration guide, the change log, and further details, check out the specification of MOA ZS.


For requests, comments, and feedback please contact theĀ


MOA ZS is licensed under EUPL Version 1.2.