Ontologies in the e-Government Domain

posted in #eGovernment on the 30.04.2016

A survey of areas of application for ontologies in E-Government.

During the past years, ontology-based concepts have gained importance especially in the context of applications related to the Semantic Web. In addition, these concepts are currently in the focus of various research activities. The capability to amend stored and processed data by a semantic dimension enables numerous use cases and fields of application.

One area that benefits from an application of ontology-based concepts is e-government. Nowadays, integration of ontology-based concepts in e-government solutions is already a popular research topic. This fact is underpinned by a considerable number of scientific publications. Furthermore, some of the concepts proposed in these publications have already been integrated into productive e-government applications. However, it appears that the full potential of these concepts is still not fully tapped.

In this study, a general overview of ontology-based concepts is provided, current research activities are sketched, and the current state of the art is summarized. This way, this study serves as basis for possible further ontology-related activities in the field of e-government.


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