posted in #Software, Tools on the 4.09.2020

PDF-Over is a graphical program for the creation of signed PDF documents by means of a Citizen Card. It was developed in Java and is based on the PDF-AS program library. The objective of PDF-Over is to provide the easiest possible program for using a Citizen Card to sign PDF documents.

PDF-Over makes it possible to freely select the position of the visible signature visualization in the PDF document. To do this, the PDF document is shown page-by-page, and a placeholder for the signature visualization is placed on the current page by means of the mouse.

If the position has been selected, the signature process is started based on PDF-AS. PDF-Over supports the mobile phone signature as well as chip card based Citizen Cards. For this, however, a local Citizen Card Environment is required, such as MOCCA for example.

PDF-Over 4.3.0 Release Notes
  • Support of the following signature profiles:
    • Standard Signature Block (the signature block as before)
    • Official Signature (this profile is used by public services for creating an official signature)
    • Logo Only (this profile can be used to sign with just only a logo as signature block)
    • Invisible (in this profile, the signature block is invisible)
  • Support of new signature placeholder fields
    • This placeholder fields can be created by using e.g. Acrobat Reader or other software
    • The option to use can be set in the advanced configuration
  • Support custom postfix
    • The postfix of the signed file to save can be set in the advanced configuration settings


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msi PDF-Over Version 4.3.0 of 27.11.2020 (.msi, Windows Installer)
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jar PDF-Over Version 4.3.0 of 27.11.2020 (.jar, Linux Installer)
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dmg PDF-Over Version 4.3.0 of 27.11.2020 (.dmg, MacOS Installer)
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