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Sign your PDF documents with ease

Are you tired of printing, manually signing and scanning to provide a valid legal qualified signature on a digital document?
With PDF-Over and your ID Austria you can sign PDF documents with a qualified electronic signature, legally equivalent to a hand-written signature.

Get PDF-Over for your system:

How does it work

PDF-Over is your tool for frequent & efficient PDF signing. Configured according to your individual needs, you can select or drag&drop the PDF to be signed. Then you can move the visual signature box to the desired position within the document. Following the signature process can be started and completed by ID Austria approval (Digitales Amt).


PDF-Over offers a variety of configuration options, including but not limited to:

  • A customizable visible signature box with additional information such as the signature timestamp, verification and legal information.
  • A separate version for official signatures of authorities
  • Ability to replace the signature box with a custom image (e.g., your company’s logo)
  • An invisible signature, only appearing in the metadata of the PDF document. (It has the same legal effect as the visual version.)
  • PDF/A compatibility

Latest Release Notes

  • Fixed issue with special characters in user credentials
  • Improved drag and drop functionality on MacOS
  • Support for ID-Austria-registered Fido2 certified tokens as second factor
  • Various improvements
  • Support for Mac M1
  • Ability to remember password in memory between signatures
  • Change to pdf-renderer pdfbox2
  • ID Austria username integration
  • Integrated JRE
  • Updated dependencies
  • End of support for 32 bit operating systems


Only the latest version includes recent fixes and newly implemented features.
Legacy version 4.3.2 is end-of-life, will not be maintained and should only be used on 32-Bit systems. The automatic update function can be disabled under “Settings -> Advanced”.


MacOS (Intel x64)

MacOS (aarch64 / M1 / Apple Silicon)


Source code: Github